Mechanotus, The Plane of Law

Mechanotus, The Plane of Law is an ideological plane that encodes all the laws of physics and mathematics of the universe as machinery. Indeed, the connection is even stronger: every particle in the universe, including those of the Plane of Law itself, corresponds to a particular piece of Mechanotus. The plane is literally infinite in all dimensions.

Connected Planes

The Plane of Law is the overplane to two demiplanes: the Demiplane of Justice and the Demiplane of Monarchy.


The Plane of Law runs perfectly smoothly, with no turnings back or jerkiness, but only in the case when it is describing areas in which the physical laws rule completely. The introduction of free will, as in the case of sentient beings and to a much lesser extent animals and plants, introduces uncertainty and error into the computation. This error manifests itself as perturbations in the normal workings of the giant clockworks. Gears will vibrate slightly as they turn their course, pistons will hang for the shortest perceptible time partway through their motion, and so forth. If left uncorrected, these perturbations could conceivably shake Mechanotus apart, dealing permanent damage to the plane and through it to the whole of Creation. To prevent this, the Mind controls devices called Workers that move among the clockworks of Mechanotus, correcting and repairing the damage caused by the actions of individuals. This work is completely routine, and the Mind does not begrudge the sentient beings their will, as individuals do not make a large enough impact on the workings to be dangerous, and mobs are easy to predict and account for.

A larger concern to the Mind is magic. Since the introduction of magic to Sapentis, the Mind has noted that one being with magic is capable of far greater perturbation than that being would be capable of otherwise. Powerful mages can cause Mechanotus to tremble in a noticable manner. However, the minds of men are not as inscrutable as they would like to believe, and in almost all cases, the Mind is aware of a magical perturbation some time before it actually occurs. Rather than try to prevent the perturbation, the Mind prefers to allow it to occur but be corrected by the waiting Workers.


The single greatest event in Mechanotus’ long history is the Final Perturbation. In a time corresponding to the year 1366 CY on Sapentis, a war of magic was being waged. The Mind saw this and was concerned. More Workers were brought into service in that time than ever before or since. The Workers labored endlessly to keep the universe from disintegrating as more and more powerful magics were being brought to bear by the warriors in that fight. All of Mechanotus shook, and whole sections of the Plane were in danger of being lost from the rest of the workings, which even would plunge those parts of the universe into unimaginable chaos. The Mind waited, it claims, until the last moment before taking the final terrible step.

What was perhaps unclear to the other denizens of the planes was that Mechanotus did not simply reflect or record the events of time — the Plane of Law was those events. As such, the Mind has more potential control over the physical universe than any other being save Eo.

On this day, then magic threatened to overthrow the Law that kept all thongs moving, was the only time the Mind has taken advantage of the great power it wields. The Mind reached out, his arms trembling with the rest of Mechanotus, and removed, for an instant, the touch of Life from the part of Sapentis that was to destroy everything. For one instant, the Plane of Life no longer had any connection to the part of Sapentis where the greatest discharge of the chaotic magic was occuring. Without the Plane of Life to sustain their essence, and since living creatures cannot even maintain their form without Life, every living creature, animal, and plant within a thousand miles of the epicenter of the disturbance were gone. The Mind himself believed them dead; he was nearly, but not completely, correct.

The tremblings ceased. For the first time in many years, Mechanotus ran quietly. The Mind was determined that the terrible thing he just did should never become necessary again. Now that it had time to work in peace, it systematically removed the potential for magic from Sapentis. The ley lines, those conduits of reality that allowed the free flow of magic, were dammed up so that magic would no longer flow. The Mind saw that as it performed these tasks, the inhabitants of Sapentis suffered greatly. Yet it saw this suffering as a lesser to the one it had just performed, and counted the suffering fair payment for the safety that he was providing Sapentis.

Mechanotus, The Plane of Law

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